Watch Subbu explain the Poora Plan

Illnesses always come unexpectedly and adversely affect our life and financial situation hence Kotak Life Critical Illness Plus Benefit Rider takes care of the indirect expenses while you recover from a critical illness or surgery.

Living a long life may not be enough. Watch how Subbu's mother understands the importance of a Poora Plan.

Here is how Subbu explained the Poora Plan to his neighbour who just bought an incomplete life insurance.

What is Poora Plan?

Having a life insurance plan may not always give you complete protection. Hence, Kotak Life presents Poora Plan.

Whether it is the rise in the cost of medical expenses or the chance of an accidental disability, it is essential in today's day and age to have a plan that provides complete protection for your family.

  • Poora Plan
  • Death
  • Disability
  • Critical Illness

Benefits of Life Insurance with Critical Illness Rider

List of Bhayankar Bimaari (Critical Illness)

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All about Permanent Disability Rider

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