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Be prepared against death, disability and disease

  • 16th Nov 2016
  • 420
Be prepared against death, disability and disease

Protect your family from the 3 Ds: death, disability and disease

The greatest gift you can give your family is a lifetime of security and independence. And you will work towards it all your life. After all, you want each moment for your loved ones to be a celebration and not a worry. But when life is full of uncertainties like death, disability and disease that we cannot control, you need to turn to an insurance plan.

Choose a plan that:

Continues to give your family its security and independence

Takes care of your family’s finances needs, just as well as you would have

Provides enough funds to your family to enjoy your current lifestyle despite inflation

Gives you the freedom to enjoy your present without worrying about the future

If this is how you want your family’s future to be, then pick an insurance plan that offers:

Two death benefit payout options i.e. Immediate Payout or Recurring Payout

Step up/step down options to increase/decrease cover

Preferential rates for female lives and non-tobacco users

Choosing the right plan can make the difference between leaving your family unshielded or secured in the event of absence or disability.


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