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Enhancing personal wealth and protection

We always wish to provide the best quality of life to our family. And to provide that we not only need to accumulate enough wealth but also ensure enough protection against uncertain future events like death.

While building wealth for a better tomorrow, we might overlook the importance of protection and might put the well-being of your family susceptible to risks such as untimely death. Hence, it is absolutely essential for us to create a balance between both our goals of protecting our family and accumulating enough wealth to provide them with all the pleasures of life

Kotak Life Insurance, one of the best life insurance companies in India, understands your needs and offers some of the best insurance and investment plans. Systematic and disciplined investment in these plans will not only help you to enhance your wealth in the long run but will also ensure that your family stays protected.

Kotak Wealth Insurance

Key features:

  1. Receive the Fund Value on maturity which could help you with any large monetary expense like purchasing a car or a marriage in the house.
  2. Get the benefit of triple protection for your family in case of an unfortunate death in this life insurance plan. This triple benefit is payable only in the case when the policyholder and life insured are the same.
    • Your beneficiary is paid basic sum assured immediately to compensate for immediate loss of income.
    • Your family does not have to pay any more premiums. All the future premiums of this life insurance plan would be contributed by the company.
    • The life insurance policy will continue and your beneficiary will be paid the Fund Value at maturity.
  3. Invest in a choice of eight fund options depending on your risk return preference.

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