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Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan - Online Life Insurance Plan by Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan

A pure online term insurance plan

Your primary goal in life is to see your family secure & happy at all times. Your presence provides them with an envelope of security. Should your absence mean anything less?

Life is Uncertain. To help you protect your family against these uncertainties, Kotak Life Insurance presents its latest offering in the Online space - the Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan. It is a pure term plan that provides a high level of protection for nominal cost of INR 6,975 per annum*. It is loaded with attractive features like the unique inbuilt waiver of premium on Total & Permanent Disability and Customized Claim payout options. This plan provides a comprehensive protection in just a few clicks, aided by KK, the eAdvisor.

It's time to secure your absence and make your presence felt

High cover at a very low cost

The plan provides you with a high level of protection at a nominal cost. You can get insured for as a nominal cost of INR 6,975 per annum*. The plan further provides preferential rates for female lives & non-tobacco users.

Waiver of Basic Premiums on Total & Permanent Disability

We protect your most valuable asset-Your ability to earn an income. In the unfortunate event of you being totally & permanently disabled during the premium payment term, all future premiums are waived off & the policy continues.

Customized Claim Payout Options

Monthly expenditures never stop so why should monthly income? In case of any unfortunate event, secure your family's income with customized payout options such as:

  1. Recurring Payout – You can opt for your nominee to receive 10% of Sum Assured on death of the Life Assured as a Lump sum & the balance in 15 years as a Monthly or yearly Income Payout. In case of an exigency, this unique feature also gives the nominee an option to take the lump sum at a discounted value instead of the regular Income payouts. The discounted value will be 6.5% p.a compounding yearly of the entire outstanding regular payouts.
  2. Immediate Payout – 100% of Sum Assured will be given to the nominee on death of the life assured.

Quick & hassle free buying experience

Keeping pace with your busy & fast life, we offer you Insurance in a quick & convenient way through our Online Portal. Your very own eAdvisor, KK, will assist you throughout your online experience.

Customize protection through optional e-Accidental Death Benefit Rider:

If you feel that you're not adequately covered or wish to customize the protection, you can do so by attaching the e-Accidental Death Benefit (e-ADB) Rider which pays out lump sum benefit on accidental death of the life insured in addition to Death Benefit under the base plan. For more details on Riders and exclusions please refer to the Individual Rider Brochure before concluding the purchase.

* "The above Premium figures are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax and Cess for a 30 year old non tobacco user male, sum assured INR 1 Crore, Regular pay for Policy Term 25 years, Immediate Death Benefit Payout Option. Goods and Services Tax and Cess thereon, shall be charged as per the prevalent tax laws over and above the said premiums."

Download Kotak Preferred e-Term Plan Brochure

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