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Kotak e-Assured Savings Plan - Online Life Insurance Plan by Kotak Life Insurance

Kotak e-Assured Savings Plan

A life insurance plan

Life insurance can serve as the foundation of a well-planned financial strategy. And if you're someone who desires to take an active role in reaching your financial goals, you may be looking for a life insurance policy that provides more than just simple protection - one that gives you the potential to accrue wealth that can help you accomplish a variety of future economic objectives.

Kotak e-Assured Savings Plan may be just the Plan for you. This Plan not only provides affordable protection but also helps accrue wealth for accomplishing forthcoming financial aims by giving guaranteed benefits.

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Entry Age Min: 3 years
Max: 60 years
Maturity Age Min: 18 years
Max: 75 years
Policy and Premium Payment Term (PPT)
PPT Policy Terms
5 pay 10 / 15 yrs
10 pay 15 / 20 yrs
Annual Premium

Min: 20,000

Max: No limit, subject to underwriting

Premium Payment Option Limited only
Minimum Basic Sum Assured

Determined on the basis of minimum premium amount, entry age, policy term and PPT
For example: For 20,000 annual premium, following shall be the Basic Sum Assured for entry ages 3 & 60 yrs:


Age Policy Term Premium payment term Basic sum assured ()
3 years 15 years 5 years 1,61,378
3 years 20 years 10 years 3,06,262
60 years 15 years 10 years 1,69,496


For details, please refer to the premium calculator on our website.

Premium Payment Mode Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
Modal Factor (% of annual premium) Yearly - 100%, Half yearly - 51%, Quarterly - 26%, Monthly - 8.8%

Download Kotak e-Assured Savings Plan Brochure

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