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Saving for an approaching retirement

Saving for an
approaching retirement

We are busy making a living through out our youth. Most of us do a fairly decent job at sustenance of ourselves and our family. Suddenly, one day we realise that we are getting on in years. The silver hair start getting prominent and climbing the stairs is no longer a cakewalk.

With 10 or 15 years to earn, we might be in for a big surprise. This is the time when the realisation hits us that we need to manage a long part of our life without any fixed source of income and our savings would not be enough to last.

With only a few years to go before retirement, even with no prior retirement planning, you can still retire in comfort. This has become possible through our specific life insurance and investment plans catering to late retirement planning.

Kotak Ace Investment

Key features:

  1. Choose a suitable premium payment duration depending on when you want to retire
  2. Get a corpus of money at maturity in this unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) so that at retirement you have a substantial savings kitty
  3. Choose from a basket of eight fund options ranging from safe-low return options to possible high return options with a downside risk

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