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Kotak Classic Endowment Plan

Kotak Classic Endowment Plan

A life insurance plan

You always needed protection but what if you are provided with an alternative that offers an opportunity for savings and wealth accumulation as well? Kotak Classic Endowment Plan can help in fulfilling these requirements. Kotak Classic Endowment Plan is a long term protection cum savings plan that offers protection benefit while earning Bonuses during the policy term.

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Entry Age

Regular pay:
0 years; Max: 55 years


Limited pay:
0 years; Max: 60 years (except for PT/PPT combination of 15/7 years)


PT/PPT combination of 15/7 years:
0 years; Max: 58 years

Maturity Age Min: 18 years
Max: 75 years
Premium Payment Term (PPT)

Regular Pay:
Equal to Policy Term


Limited Pay:
  • 7 years for policy term 15 years
  • Policy term less 5 years
Policy Term

15 to 30 years

For minors, minimum term will be greater of; 15 years or (18 years minus age at entry as on last birthday)

Premium Payment Option Regular and Limited only
Minimum Premium

Regular Pay: 7,000

Limited Pay: 7,000 (except for PT/PPT combination of 15/7 years)

PT/PPT combination of 15/7 years: 12,000

Maximum Premium

No limit, subject to underwriting

Minimum Sum Assured on maturity

Determined on the basis of minimum premium amount, entry age, policy term and PPT

Example: Mentioned below is the sample Sum Assured on maturity at minimum premium for minimum and maximum terms at highest and lowest ages respectively:


Age Policy Term Premium payment term Sum Assured on maturity ()
0 years 30 years 30 years 1,92,413
0 year 30 years 25 years 1,80,366
55 years 15 years 15 years 86,687
60 years 15 years 10 years 61,071
58 years 15 years 7 years 73,584


Premium Payment Mode Yearly, Half yearly, Quarterly, Monthly
Modal Factor (% of annual premium) Yearly - 100%, Half yearly - 51%, Quarterly - 26%, Monthly - 8.8%

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