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Kotak e-Term / e-Preferred Term

Kotak e-Term / e-Preferred Term

A Life Insurance Plan

You want to keep your family secure and happy at all times. As time progresses and as you cross important milestones in life, your responsibilities increase and so does the dependency on you. Life is unpredictable. Your family should be safeguarded against unfortunate events (such as your death).

Kotak e-Term / e-Preferred Term plans are low-cost pure protection plans through which you can buy life insurance online. plans not only provide you with an adequate life cover amount but also charge economical premiums.

High cover at a low cost

When you buy a pure protection plan, the plan itself provides you a high cover at low prices as compared to other kinds of insurance plans.

Low premium for women and non-tobacco users

If you are a non-tobacco user, you get lower rates than usual. The rates are even lesser for women. Thus, you get rewarded for your healthy lifestyle habits in this online life insurance plan.

Quick and hassle-free buying

You can buy insurance online conveniently sitting at home through the internet. The paperwork is minimal and the document collection happens at your home. As a result, you can efficiently utilise your precious time than spending it on paperwork or visiting a branch.

Increase your life cover in a hassle free manner

You may get additional insurance cover at certain important stages of your life in a cost-effective manner and without the hassle of any medical examination. Thus, increasing life cover would be as easy as pie for you.

No medical examination

There would be no medical examination for purchase of a life cover upto 50 lacs and if the life to be insured is upto 40 years of age. Hence, buying this plan would not involve time consuming and tedious trips to the clinic and the buying process is a cakewalk.

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