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Term Group Plan

Kotak Term Group Plan

A Group Life Insurance Plan

In this age of competition where technology and systems are available to every organization, it's the people that differentiate the good from the great. Your organization has people - Your customers as well as Your employees - that are of immense value to you. One of their prime concerns is the security and safety of their families. Being an organization of repute you would like to share this responsibility by providing them with a solution that meets their need.


Kotak Term Group Plan provides life cover to the member, by paying a lump sum benefit to the beneficiary in case of an unfortunate event. There is also an option available for the member to opt for additional voluntary life cover for self and spouse. There is also a range of riders available to cover other risks like disability, dismemberment, illness, family benefit and functional impairment. It is an ideal solution that provides security to the families of your members in case of an adversity.

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Voluntary cover for employees' spouses

Many employees work to support the needs and wants of their loved ones, which is why we extend the protection to their spouses for a nominal additional premium. Knowing their loved ones are well taken care of, your employees can truly give their best at work.

Choice of preferred premium payment mode

Depending on your organization's current needs, you can choose to opt for annual, half-yearly, quarterly and monthly premium payments.

Other advantages

  • Simple and easy administrative processes
  • Tax- deductible premiums
  • Worldwide insurance coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage with simplified underwriting

Additional protection

Enhance your protection with these riders:

Rider Plan Benefit Payable
Accidental Death Benefit
(ADE UIN - 107B005V05)
Additional lump sum benefit over and above the basic sum assured will be paid upon accidental death.
Accidental Disability Benefit
(ADB) UIN 107B008V03
Lump sum benefit paid upon disability claim, on top of basic sum assured.
Accidental Dismemberment Benefit
(ADM) UIN- 107B006V03
Lump sum benefit paid upon complete or partial loss of a limb, or loss of eyesight or hearing due to accidental causes.
Accidental Death, Disability and Dismemberment Benefit
(ADDD) UIN 107B007V03
Lump sum benefit paid upon the three eventualities.
Critical Illness Benefit
(CI) UIN 107B009V05
Critical Illness Benefit - payable if the member suffers from one of the 12 critical illnesses covered and the death benefit for the member will reduce to the extent of the payout.
Kotak Critical Illness Plus Benefit
(CIP UIN 107B015V04
Critical Illness Benefit - payable upon a critical illness claim. While the benefit ceases after payment, the Death Benefit is still payable.
Family Benefit
(FB UIN 107B010V03)
Life cover provided for the member's spouse and three children aged between 1 and 18 years.
Terminal Illness Benefit
(TI UIN 107B014V03)
Benefit payable upon claim of a terminal illness. Death Benefit will be reduced depending on payout.
Daily Task Benefit
(DT UIN 107B016V02)
Benefit payable upon claim of member's inability to perform daily activities; after payment the member's benefit will cease. Death Benefit will be reduced depending on payout.

Additional premiums apply with these riders. Please read a Group Rider brochure carefully for details.


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