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Kotak Life Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in India, offers a variety of Life Insurance Plans, such as Protection Plans, ULIPs, Children's Plans, Retirement Plans, Investment & Long Term Savings Plans which best suit your needs.

Insurance Guide is a one stop destination for all your life insurance queries. Here you get a better understanding about life insurance policies before you decide on which suits you best.


Discover a host of plans from Kotak Life Insurance for your family needs such as caring for your elderly parents or your son's/ daughter's education or wedding.

Wealth Creation

Kotak Life Insurance offers savings & investment plans that allow you to be prepared for emergencies and yet live the lifestyle you desire.


Protection plans from Kotak Life Insurance allow you to provide for your dependants in case of an unfortunate event like death . They also help insure against accidents or ill health.


Browse through our life insurance solutions for planning and managing your retirement and enjoying your old age without any worries.

Other needs
About Life Insurance
Tax Planning

Life Insurance Plans from Kotak Life Insurance provide effective tax saving options along with benefits such as life cover and wealth maximization opportunities.

Fix up an appointment with our expert life advisors to know more about plans. You can also get to know various ways to get in touch with us for any policy related queries, suggestions or complaints.

Kotak Life Insurance offers a host of individual life insurance plans like Protection Plans, Child Plans, Retirement Plans, Investment Plans and Long Term Savings Plans. Get a life insurance policy that suits your every need!

Discover a variety of protection plans, such as the Kotak Preferred Term Plan which can help you to secure your loved ones' future against Life's uncertainties.

Kotak Life Insurance offers a variety of long term savings and investment plans to ensure that along with the protection of life insurance, you also enjoy fruitful returns on your investment.

Be it providing for an expensive education, planning for a wedding or ensuring that your children have the right financial cushion in case you are no longer around, you would always be prepared to provide your children with the very best through child plans from Kotak Life Insurance.

Discover our life insurance solutions for planning and managing your retirement in this section

Kotak Life Insurance's group insurance plans help you secure your employees through life's uncertainties and help your company be a progressive employer. These plans are also for the statutory and voluntary needs of organizations looking to provide a financial cushion to their borrowers from uncertainties like death.

Riders are a set of additional features which can enhance the protection levels of your life insurance policy. Kotak Life Insurance offers a variety of riders which you may opt for, to shape your policy to suit your individual needs.

At Kotak Life Insurance we nurture your entrepreneurial spirit by providing freedom, ample learning opportunities and multiple avenues for lateral & vertical growth with an excellent work culture which is informal, apolitical and transparent.

A one-stop destination for all the information required to serve your customers better.

Get to know your fund NAV details, fund performance details and the monthly fund update.

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